10 Meetups About Nissan Qashqai Key Fob You Should Attend

10 Meetups About Nissan Qashqai Key Fob You Should Attend

Reasons Why Your Nissan Qashqai Key Fob Won't Work

The Qashqai's bigger dimensions give it a distinct SUV-like ambiance. Its ride on 19-inch alloy wheels in Ti and STL versions may also be a bit firm. Its front tyres can also lose grip on rough surfaces, and its CVT could occasionally exhibit wrist-flexing torque steer.

It is usually caused by an inoperable coin battery, which can be replaced in just a few minutes. Make sure that the replacement battery has the same voltage, size, and specification.

Water Damage

One of the most common reasons a Nissan key fob might display the "key ID is incorrect" message is due to water damage. The rubber seals on the key fob shield the chip's electronics, but prolonged exposure to moisture could cause it not to work properly. This is typically the situation when you've dropped your key fob in the ocean or into a swimming pool, but it can also happen if it gets wet due to soapy hands or rain.

If your key fob was exposed to water for a long period of time then you might need to clean it with isopropyl or electronic cleaner. It may also need to be taken to an expert for repair or replacement.

If your key fob does need to be replaced the process is easy. Make sure you have the correct multipack (CR2032, 3V). Unlock the front and rear cases using the flat-head screwdriver. You'll have to remove the clips that hold the metal together and then push out the old battery and insert the new one. Reassemble the fob and replace the mechanical key. Check that it works correctly. If not, you'll need to take it to an Nissan dealer or professional auto locksmith to replace the chip in the key. The chip is usually not damaged by water and therefore shouldn't be too expensive.

Dead Coin Battery

The coin battery is a second frequent reason why your Nissan Qashqai remote key fob won't work. These batteries last three to five years, but will eventually fail if the fob has been dropped frequently. You can replace the battery, but make sure it is the same voltage and same size as the first. If you replace the battery, it may cause the key to be assigned a different key ID. This will stop it from being paired with your vehicle.

The best way to replace the battery of a coin on a Nissan Qashqai key fob is by prying open the fob with an incredibly small screwdriver with a flat head. The screwdriver should be put into a small cut on the bottom of the key fob.  nissan car keys  should be gently twisted to split the two halves. Remove the old CR2025 battery and replace it with a new one, observing the position of the previous one inside the fob.

Before you put the new battery in, make sure there isn't any water damage or dirt on the terminals. If not clean the terminals using a small amount isopropyl ethanol. Make sure that the pole cables are properly connected. They should be connected both the positive and negative poles of your battery.


If your Nissan Qashqai's key fob isn't working after exposure to clean water from the tap or rain it could be a sign there's a problem with the internal chip. You'll require a new keyfob if you can't fix the problem by replacing the battery. If the key fob didn't work after dropping it, it's likely that the chip inside was damaged. It is possible to get the key fob back to function again if you take it out and clean the chip using paper towel and isopropyl alcohol before putting it back in.

One common error you may see on the dashboard of your car is "Key ID Not Correct." The vehicle is not able to recognize the key fob and therefore will not allow the car to start. This can happen in numerous ways, including water damage, issues that are undetectable in the key fob circuitry or RFID interference.

If the 12 volt battery on your key fob is empty or isn't supplying enough electric power it will cease to function. This can affect the Nissan Qashqai's remote keyless system, central locking and the ability to start the engine with the key fob. Check the batteries in the key fob in case you are unable to lock or unlock your door manually. You may also try reinserting the battery to reset the transmitter.


If the key fob has not been submerged in salt water, it should be able to come back to life after a simple rinse with clean water. You can also clean the electronic component using isopropyl or electronic cleaner. If none of these work it is possible to replace the key fob.

If your Nissan Intelligent Key still does not function, there may be a problem with the connection between it and the vehicle. Start by turning the ignition key without starting the vehicle. Repeat this process until the hazard light flashes twice. Then, turn the car off and take out the keys.

Next, open the fob compartment of your vehicle. It's usually located on a door jamb, or the handle of the door for the driver. Find the small "program" button and press it. You will hear a chime when the process is completed.

Now that your Intelligent Key is relinked to the car now is the time to try it out. Take a step away from the vehicle, then press all the buttons on it. If the lights flash, or the horn sounds, the key is connected to the Nissan. You can also test it close to the Nissan.